Saturday, May 29, 2010

Berry Picking Day at the Farm

The O family welcomed our homeschool group again for our annual Blackberry Picking at the farm! We split into 2 groups, and our group went on Thursday. What a wonderful day!

Steven Joseph went right to work. He claims he had a "turtle" inside this cup!

All 3 working hard to find the ripe blackberries

So sunny!!!

The G boys playing in the sandbox and baby Santiago with his mommy

Such a beautiful farm!

Mary Clare with blackberry juice dripping from her lips :)

Miss Wanda said the chickens would eat the red ones, and Steven Joseph only wanted to pick red ones. So the chickens got a lot of berries that day!

Time to bake blackberry pies!

Mother Daughter

Starting with the flour for the crusts

All these girls are really enjoying it!

And the G boys are too!

Finishing up

Pinching the crust

All smiles :)

Big helpers, making the strudel topping

All done!

Now for lunch! Nachos!

Digging in the mulch

Tire swing!

Our sweet Godson, Santiago :)

Girls parading back from swinging in the barn

And my boy getting just a little bit dirtier before heading home...

Bye, Bye to the farm!

Thanks again to the O family for providing us with such a fun day! Until All Saints' Day...

1 comment:

Jill said...

What fun!
Paul and I were just talking about blackberry picking today! The farm around here is not open until the fall, though. We can't wait!

Great photos!

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