Sunday, May 16, 2010

Art Class and Homeschool update

A sweet friend of ours from the ballet studio let us know about a fun and free art class at a local church. We have really enjoyed going the past few weeks; Thursday was the last day until this fall. It was great timing for me too, because I have had such a hard time with crafty, creative stuff the past few months.

This morning Mary Clare told me she wants to start homeschooling like it used to be with the Alphabet Path stuff, where everything was sitting out, books and crafts, all organized and exciting and ready for the day. Not sure I have that in me right now. I'm sad I can't give them that, but happy that I'll be giving them a new sibling, which is better than all the crafts and fun schoolwork, right?

The art activity for this class was a collage with different types of dry beans. They all enjoyed it! We were only disappointed to arrive home without Ellie's precious creation. Poor thing was so upset she left it on the playground! Our friends were coming to play so we couldn't go back to find it :(

I'm leaning towards starting the Mother of Divine Grace 2nd grade curriculum with Mary Clare in the next week or two. I don't know if I should make a big deal about the "end of school/beginning of school" and need to get a plan together for how to organize Ellie's kindergarten lessons. But I'm ready to move out of our weeks of workbooks and into a more normal school routine, with poetry and music, history and science, and I know the girls are too.

MC has been itching to start her new math book and I know Ellie is ready for some more formal reading instruction. The hot summer should be a good time to keep busy with lessons so that we can enjoy a nice break when baby arrives and the weather cools off. We'll still take it slow, because they'll have daily swim practice and ballet class and recital rehearsals until mid-June. We'll have a few homeschool activities throughout the summer and I'm looking into some camps/VBS for the kids. Ready to move into summer mode and out of this springtime rut I've been in!

Swim meet photos to come next!

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