Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

It's been awhile since I've done some quick takes, so here are some of the fun photo takes from the week...

Beautiful Ballerina #1. Ellie's class had an in-studio dress rehearsal this week. They are performing as little "children of the world" for their show in June. It's a really cute dance including excerpts from Jesus Loves the Little Children, Jesus Loves Me, and several songs from other countries where the little girls follow around the big girl-soloist dressed in the international attire. Their production is based on Revelation 4, and we're all really anxious to see the interpretation of these scriptures in dance.

adding in her group shot for future memories :)

Big sister-swimmer. Mary Clare seems so old as a 7-8 swimmer this year. She is meeting lots of new friends and enjoys playing with them before practice and at the meets. She rarely likes to pose for photos these days, so I was thrilled to get a little snapshot of her yesterday. They had team photos and the girls were sitting around with friends. I like how her basket with babydoll sits behind her in this photo!

Blondie. I've been so proud to keep the green out of Ellie's hair so far when she's been swimming almost every day. But yesterday we played at a friend's house and went swimming and her hair took in some green from the pool. We washed it out a few times and I think the green tint is gone for now. We just have to be cautious to condition it before swimming, wash it after every swim, and I guess keep in mind that saltwater home pools are more likely to green it up again! She still has a hard time smiling and looking at the camera for photos. She always wants to look away!

Love this picture of my little man. He gives me the cheesy grin and then runs away! He's quite the ham and just talks away to everyone these days. This morning he woke up at 4:20am wanting water, to sit on the potty (Daddy was awake and showering), and then proceeded to tell us over and over again, "That was so fun, playing at my friends' house." He was referring to getting to swim yesterday; he had a blast since he is rarely the one who gets to swim!

Spike. I love how the new haircut looks on him and how it will spike up so cute! He gets all sweaty and exhausted from running around with his balls at swim practice. Actually in the middle of the night last night, he started talking in his sleep wondering where his ball was.

Possessive. He is pretty attached to his balls and doesn't like to share. He was crying yesterday, worried that a big boy would take this soccer ball. He does this laying down on the concrete every day. I'm not sure what it's about. Probably part exhaustion and part lovin' on his ball!

I had to leave before they were ready for the big group shot, because I was leading a homeschool planning meeting last night. You can kind of see the girls here in their spots already. Ellie is 5th from the right on the 1st row, and Mary Clare is just to the left of the middle in the 2nd row. They're both the only ones in hairbows! I was laughing at Ellie having to sit in between these two boys. They were splashing and apparently using "bad words" like shut-up and Ellie was quite displeased by their behavior. I actually broke down and bought a little photo set this year, so hopefully the photos turn out well!

So Friday's here and the last Fine Arts Club of the semester is starting right now. Maybe we'll make Nature Club at lunchtime, maybe not. The kids are playing peacefully and I'm recovering from the late-night meeting, grocery shopping at 11pm, and going to bed at 2! Swim practice tonight and meet early in the morning, Father-Daughter Dance on Sunday...I better prepare myself for another busy weekend!

Oh and a prayer request friend's little 3yr old son, Cooper, had a small bowel and colon transplant a few weeks ago. His organs have been in rejection for over a week, and yesterday they lost the colon and had to remove it. He was in surgery for many hours, and is back in the PICU. Please pray for him and his mommy Sarah who is out of state without immediate family there. May his body fight infection and heal quickly and may he continue to amaze doctors with overcoming all the obstacles that he has faced in his short life.

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Colleen said...

Wonderful pics, Blair! I really love the one of SJ in take #4. I love little boys and their shenanigans!

Jill said...

Great photos.
My hair always turned green in the summers from swimming. Back then we had to use something called Ultra Swim shampoo or something. Funny memories.

SJ has changed so much. He is such a little BOY now! I love the picture of him with his ball. So cute.

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