Friday, May 07, 2010

Foto Friday

I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday! Not much going on here, just the same old, same old. Homeschooling, ballet, swim practice, exhausted mama over here. We're still working the iPhonePhuzzyPhotos, but hopefully that will change very soon :-D

My attempt at a belly shot. 17 weeks. I'm nice and fat, still not totally in maternity clothes, but getting close!

Letting the kids play in the hose in the backyard for an hour saved my sanity yesterday!

Today was our last First Friday class. SJ thinks he's a Preschool Pray and Play member, even though he's just a sibling. He's more interested in the books and activities than some of the older ones! And sometimes better behaved than his big sis!

Today they talked about Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, and made their own! SJ was so proud and couldn't wait to show his daddy his "coat" this evening. Look at his big smile! (bottom row, 3rd from left. Ellie is the tall one behind him)

Ellie got up in front of her class to lead "Jesus Loves Me", she did a lovely job!

We had a great year, thanks to kind Megan who took over this group. It was nice to just participate and help, without all the prep work. Ellie will move up to Little Flowers with MC next year; I haven't figured out which group I'll be with, but we're looking forward to another fun year with our homeschool group!

We braved the scorching park afterwards. Thankfully some friends brought a parachute and some other fun games to play in the shade. We were zonked! Everyone will sleep well tonight!

The girls have their ballet exams tomorrow morning and we're hoping to take a trip to the beach at some point this weekend. I have to note Steven Joseph's quote from tonight after Daddy removed a fishing lure that was stuck in a doll's shirt on the computer desk for about a month, "My daddy like cank (crank) bait."

He's been enjoying playing with other little boys during swim practice each day. Yesterday he had his baseball and glove and was pitching to another little boy who was using a little stick as a bat. He was instructing the boy on how to stand with legs apart and also was popping the ball in his glove over and over again saying, "My daddy do this. That's so funny!" Today he spent the entire practice playing with little tractors in the dirt with some other boys. He was the filthiest he's ever been, but boy was he having fun!

Okay, better hit the sack. Tomorrow will be a big day!


Erin said...

Playing in the hose or sprinkler is one of my favorite memories from childhood, so easy, so fun! I recognized the coat of many colors immediately, they did a great job!

Jill said...

It's so funny to hear about beaches, pools, sprinklers, and warm days. We are still in winter coats, hats, and mittens here! I had to check the dates on your post to make sure I wasn't in your archives!

Love the coats of many colors. Cute!

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