Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Mother's Day Gift!

Happy mama with my new toy!

My Nikon D40 was to arrive on Tuesday, and I was ready! We stayed home all day, and had our little friend C over as we do most every Tuesday. At about 4:30 the a/c stopped working, I missed two phone calls, the girls needed to leave for swim practice, C's mother arrived, and the UPS man had yet to arrive! We made it through swim team with NeNe's help and I made a quick run home to meet the UPS man and get my camera! So exciting! We spent the night at NeNe and PaPa's since the a/c was out and I started snapping the next day!

Good morning faces

NeNe where she works on the computer

Back home playing on the piano (Mary Clare is taking to it really well!)

Playing at swim practice on Wednesday

Back home to greet Daddy!

Our a/c was finally fixed on Thursday and I got some more photos of the kids at their art class Thursday and swim meet today. I'm still just shooting on "auto" but look forward to learning how to really use the camera soon! More photos to come!


Melissa D. said...

great pictures. I hope that you really enjoy your new camera!

Jill said...

Yay! We'll get to see lots of lovely photos on the blog as you practice with your new camera. :)

Enjoy! You have very cute subjects to work with!

Erin said...

Great shots! It looks like you're having fun with your camera.

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