Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Update

Today has been a hard day. We are having a rough time managing her pain, so she goes through phases of intense screaming, anger, and frustration. I think it will take a few days for the pain to subside and for her to get used to the braces and crutches. Hopefully we also have a better handle on her medication dosage so she can be more comfortable.

I had to take Steven Joseph to the doctor this morning, and found he has a double ear infection and a heart murmur. What else can happen this week?

I'll also take this time to thank my in-laws who watched Ellie and Stevie during the surgery yesterday for over 7 hours, and my mom who has come over the past 2 days to help, especially as I took SJ to the pediatrician this morning. Thanks also to the N and the V families for dropping off special treats and gifts. And for all those who've sent their well wishes and prayers, we appreciate it!

I'd like to write a reflection on yesterday's experience. We'll see if I can find a few spare minutes to write that up. But now onto the grilling dinner attempt. If the rain will stay away...

Hopefully it's all a downhill slide from here!


Neen said...

Blair, You are doing great! It is hard being a mom to more than one and share Him to each all the time. It is obvious to us on the outside that you do a great job of being Christ to the kiddos. I promise that you will look back on this week and realize that you have wonderful memories of loving each child.

Shannon said...

glad she did well, prayers!
You sound so calm... i hope you are! or at least hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

what a day! don't you wonder how people without faith make it through parenting, and days like that?

Prayers to you all,

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