Saturday, February 07, 2009

an early St. Valentine's Day

My camera wasn't working but thanks to a friend I at least got this big group shot of everyone at our homeschool group's St. Valentine's party yesterday! It was a busy morning, preparing for First Friday class and then a mad rush for me to put together their lollipop valentines before it was time to exchange them at the park. I didn't realize how crazy some of these parties and activities can be on the "mom" side of things! But the kids had a blast, the heart lollipops were enjoyed by the kids, and we enjoyed the beautiful afternoon at the park!
We love you, BOL friends!

(Mary Clare is towards the middle on her knees in a white shirt,
Stevie is sitting under her eating a cookie,
and Ellie is in a bright pink shirt near the front with her hand shading her eyes.)

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