Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Just posted this on facebook and thought I'd post it here too :)

1. I am double jointed in my fingers. I can't straighten them. I crack my knuckles and will probably have horrible arthritis when I'm old.
2. My friends can attest to the fact that as a child I was probably the pickiest eater you would ever meet. I survived on McDonald's hamburgers and Hartz Fried Chicken. My school lunches were popcorn, chips, and Oreos. I don't think I ate a fruit or vegetable till I was in college. Somehow I stayed healthy though! Now I sometimes think my parents and my husband are pickier eaters than me.
3. I grew up taking dance class, everything from British ballet with examinations to competitive tap and jazz, and finally drill team in high school. I loved to perform and still have a bit of that in me, even though my dancing consists of two-stepping in the kitchen with my hubby or spinning in the living room with my little girls to classical music. Now they take dance and I love to watch them!
4. Four is my favorite number. My birthday is February 4th (this week!), and I like all my numbers to be even. I didn't like getting married on the 21st. My husband's birthday is the 6th, and my kids' are the 2nd, 22nd, and 20th!
5. I love children and always wanted a dozen! We have 3 so far (and 2 little souls in heaven, miscarried in the early weeks of pregnancy), and hope to have at least 5 or 6.
6. I taught K and 1st before having kids.
7. My K class in a public school was chaotic and I even had a student suspended for kicking me!
8. My 1st grade class at the Catholic school was amazing and I asked my husband if I was in a dream after the first day.
9. Steven and I planned to homeschool before we were even married. Now my oldest is 6, so we're in the middle of kindergarten, and really loving the homeschool lifestyle!
10. I've had 3 labors that all made it to 10cm and all ended in c-sections! Hopefully next time (God-willing we're blessed with more) the c-section will be scheduled with no labor. That was the plan last time though...
11. I have adoption on my heart. My brother was adopted as a newborn, and Steven and I have always wanted to adopt one day. Today I was tearing up in Mass, thinking of all the children in the world who have no one to call "Mommy" or "Daddy", no one to nurse them, rock them, take them to church....I hope we can adopt at least one child in need.
12. I love my middle name, Elizabeth. Now I have my own little Elizabeth Ann Marie (we call her Ellie). I also love St. Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary in the Bible, as well as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton who was the 1st American born saint. She was a wife, mother of 5, widow, Catholic convert, teacher, and nun.
13. I was named Blair after a little girl my mom babysat when she was young. I like it and think it fits me, but prefer non-unisex names that aren't derived from last names, and are traditional saint names. Hence my children-Mary Clare, Elizabeth Ann Marie, and Steven Joseph Jr.
14. On my dad's side I'm distantly related to the makers of Luden's cough drops (the ones that taste like life-savers!)
15. I can flare my nostrils bigger than anyone I've ever seen. Not that I see people flare their nostrils that often.
16. I taught myself to play the guitar in college. I always wished I would've learned piano or another instrument. Hopefully I'll learn with my kids.
17. I was in a grocery store commercial as a child. I did some modeling, acting, and even some pageants when I was about 9 years old. It was fun, but I hated missing school and wasn't interested enough to continue. I'm glad.
18. I met my husband after daily mass in college. I fell in love with him right away because: a) he went to daily mass. b) he was tall and handsome. c) "Blair B" sounded awfully good to me. d) he played golf and wore a white baseball cap. e) he came from a big family and is the youngest of 7 kids.
19. We choose not to have a TV in the house. We spent way too much time on the computers though!
20. I love rainbows and have the picture I drew of the first rainbow I ever saw as a child. Now I think of them as that beautiful promise from God.
21. I love to write and enjoy blogging about my life as a wife and mom :)
22. I love reality TV. My favorites are John and Kate plus 8, the Duggars, House Hunters, A Baby Story, and really anything on Discovery Health or HGTV (I watch these on the internet or at my parents' b/c of #19!)
23. I'm hoping to get a sewing machine this week. I'd like to make some curtains, costumes, doll clothes, and mend clothes and bedding!
24. We met Pope John Paul II as newlyweds on January 2nd, 2002 on a pilgrimage to Rome with 3 other couples who are friends from college. It was one of the most memorable and beautiful moments of my life! Mary Clare was born exactly one year later on January 2nd, 2003!
25. I'm enjoying getting to know all the blogging friends from across the country! I recently started looking at my stats and seeing where everyone is viewing's so fascinating!

Thanks for visiting and may your week be truly blessed!


Melissa said...

I loved your list, Blair! It's always so fun to find out these little "quirks" about our online friends! But, um, just so you might want to edit your #18. I know that, like me, you're protective of the personal information you publish here. ;)

Blair said...

Thanks so much, Melissa! I just cut and pasted and I forgot I had some personal info, as well as some things that didn't really pertain. It's all edited now :)

Megan said...

You just prompted me to find you on facebook! :)

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