Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A better day

Mary Clare is doing much better today! She slept very well, ate a decent breakfast, and when the pain hit, she took her medicine right away and didn't start screaming at everyone in sight! Steven Joseph is still in some pain with his ears, but hopefully his antibiotic will kick in soon.

As for me, I redecorated my bathroom last night for some stress relief, and so I can participate in The Nester's linky party tomorrow :) Fun, fun! Check out her posts on "10 Minutes to a Room You'll Love" where she shares some easy (and mostly free) ways to spruce up your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I'm working on the other rooms too, but the bathroom is always the easiest!

Hopefully I can go out and steal my printer cable from Steven's office so I can post some pictures later. But for now, it's back to taking invalids to the bathroom and dragging toddlers out of the dishwasher. He's eating a lotion bottle right now...better run!


Jill said...

Glad she's doing better. We'll pray for continued healing.
Oh- and I wanted to mention that it was so cute that your husband got all of his ladies flowers for Valentine's Day. :)

Anonymous said...

glad to see your children are doing better!
and thanks for the link to nestlers! I didn't know about it...

Kimberly said...

Blair, I will be offering up all my prayers for you and your family today.

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