Friday, November 22, 2013

Walt Disney World 2013, Day 3--Animal Kingdom

We were all looking forward to our day at Animal Kingdom, me especially since this park wasn't there when I visited as a child. 

The day started with breakfast at our hotel, and then the usual shuttle bus ride to the park.  Thomas wasn't crazy about having his picture taken at the front gate!

Mary Clare took a photo of Steven and I (and my baby belly) in front of the big Tree of Life.

And then it was off to the Asia area to hit Expedition Everest.

Here are the girls standing in front of the roller coaster.  It was apparently another scary one!  I think it was just the girls and Steven who rode this time.

Next, we headed over to the Dino Land to cool off in the Dino Dig area.  

You see all kinds of interesting creatures while walking around Animal Kingdom!

Next on the agenda was the Kali River Rapids.  We waited in line for a few minutes and then all of us excitedly boarded the raft. Just as we moved off the loading deck, the entire ride shut down!  After about 10-15 minutes, a crew in waders came to move our rafts to the side and let us all exit the ride.  What a disappointment!  We got passes to ride again later in the day.

We were hot and sweaty and ready for some lunch!  Yak and Yeti Quick Service restaurant was perfect with some yummy Asian-type dishes that we all shared.  We even got frozen lemonades as a drink option with our meal plan!

We walked around and looked at the animal areas for a bit, and then headed over to the Kilimanjaro Safari.  It was a really fun safari experience, riding in a real jeep with wild animals all around us.  Steven said he kept trying to figure out all the ways they were keeping the animals contained, even though it looked like they were just hanging out in the wild.  The girls took all of these photos!

Next, it was time for the Nemo show.  We really enjoyed this one!

Thomas fell asleep and since he had been upset at the Rapids ride anyway, I sat and rested on a bench with him sleeping in the stroller while the others used our pass to get onto the Kali River Rapids again.  They didn't get very wet, which was a relief, since some people came off that ride soaked!

We went into the Bird Show for a bit, and they even let us come in with Thomas sleeping in the stroller, which is a huge no-no for almost any show in Disneyworld!  But the bird show was pretty much identical to every other bird show we've seen at zoos and aquariums, and I was determined to see the Lion King show, so we snuck out early for another long walk across the park.  The way the day went, we ended up having lots of walking to the different areas.  Next time I'd plan it out better!

Here are some photos from the Lion King Show!

We left around 4, boarding the shuttle bus to the Polynesian Resort for our dinner reservation at the 'Ohana Restaurant.  This was a treat!  It's kind of like a Hawaiian dinner, with a family-style all-you-can-eat meal delivered to your table. 

 Bread, salad, pot stickers, wings, noodles, veggies, and an unlimited amount of chicken, beef, and pork.  Delicious!  I also enjoyed their pomegranate lemonade a little too much, needing to visit the ladies' room quite a few times during and after our dinner!

They have a fun race for the kids where they push coconuts with brooms around the restaurant.

Steven joined in the fun.  We also enjoyed their amazing bread pudding and ice cream they bring for dessert!  We were stuffed!

We decided to take a ride on the monorail (with a stop at the Contemporary Resort's ladies room) over to the Magic Kingdom to catch the shuttle bus back to our resort.  

And we ended the day with an evening swim!

A great fun day on Monday at Disney World!!!  Next up: Epcot!

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