Sunday, November 24, 2013

What We Wore Sunday

(iPhone blogging)

Happy Feast of Christ the King! 

It's finally cold, but rainy here in South Texas so I went with denim today. Mary Clare actually picked out my jacket and scarf. She has much better fashion sense than me! I'm also wearing tights and my black boots. 

Here without the jacket. 25 week belly!

The kids looked pretty spiffy before mass. Afterwards we had Steven Joseph with mega orange stain on his slacks (chalk?). 

And Tommy crying because he took off his shoes in the car but didn't want to walk barefoot into the house. Daddy behind him is hoping he learned his lesson! He did look precious in his brown corduroys and striped sweater though. And finally his hair has grown out, too :)

Ellie is wearing an old faithful rainbow sweater tunic (Gap), leggings, and her new silver shoes (Payless). 

And ever the fashionista, we have Mary Clare in a bright blue dress (Dillard's) with white leggings, a brown hand-me-down jacket, my blue and white scarf, and her new pewter flats (Stride Rite). 

Now I'm wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, as I await our usual Sunday afternoon "dinner" of grilled steak by Daddy. It'll be a day for cleaning and packing for Thanksgiving week. I'll be headed up with the kids tomorrow or Tuesday, with my exciting glucose screen and OB appt on Wednesday. We're looking forward to some fun days with family, friends, and food!

But first we have to take care of things like this...a living room filled with coats, socks, and shoes! 

Hopefully next week we'll be filling this area with Christmas decorations! I tried to convince Steven that we should put up a tree today, and he have me a look and just responded, "if you put up a tree BEFORE Thanksgiving..."  (He grew up getting a tree on Christmas Eve.)  Now to maybe find a Craigslist tree...

Happy Thanksgiving week!

See more fashion fun over at Fine Linen and Purple:


Cammie Diane said...

You all look great! And I love the polka dot scarf!

Anonymous said...

Cute baby bump! I love the denim look! And you definitely have some fashionista kids.

Emily Elizabeth said...

The girls outfits are so cute! Fashionista's in the making! :)

Laura Rose said...

VERY cute! Love that your girls are so little fashionistas too.

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