Thursday, November 28, 2013


It has been a joyful Thanksgiving week so far! We're grateful for these days with family. 

And we're grateful for fun times with friends. These friends just moved onto the lake!

For hot chocolate with friends on very cold days. For friends they've had since before birth, and for fun times watching these friends' Nutcracker rehearsal. 

For a non-carbonated glucose drink. The very first time I could finish it without a huge struggle. Also for good doctors and progesterone shots that will hopefully keep this baby girl cooking for a few more months.

For my favorite restaurant and a little mommy-only lunch. 

For a trolley ride with friends!

For a little taste of snow, leftover from a local festival. For snowball fights with friends!

And for four beautiful children, and one on the way. For the upcoming holiday season, memories past and memories to come!

Thank you God, for these and all our blessings!
May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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