Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Motivation

Another Monday is here, and we are over halfway through November!  The days are long, but the weeks are flying by!  I haven't blogged much; I still need to catch up with the last few Disney posts.  Let's see if I can do those by Thanksgiving!  Here are a few goings-on, Instagram-style, since I haven't done a collage in quite awhile...

Top L-R, 1st row: Girls playing a Catechism board game at 7am, girls claimed it "National M Day" to help SJ with the letter M (confetti, games, and a trip to McD's), Ellie with Vera Bradley bags at the mall, MC under the covers protesting the new Latina Christiana Latin video which Ellie enjoys!
2nd row: boys got new helmets for a long bike ride with daddy and taped on drinking straws to be "helicopter pilots," Ellie and SJ finishing schoolwork at like 6pm (long days), Tommy playing on the side of my bath, SJ telling me about his dream that he didn't want to end (at the Garcia farm and they were about to go hunting)
3rd row: Me and my JoJo, SJ self portrait, Tommy with the lizard Ellie caught at nature club, SJ at nature club with his shades
4th row: butterfly garden, babysitting a friends little girl and they all want her attention, Ellie's piano Hymn Festival, and a funny face by MC found on my phone!

So far, I've only been interrupted by one potty accident situation, so let's see if I can finish up before my little world here implodes!  Let's see, the girls are still busy with Nutcracker rehearsals, and we're thrilled that some family might be able to make the drive to come watch them perform!  I think Steven Joseph just has one soccer game left, so that season is almost over.  I'm not sure he was crazy about soccer; he likes baseball better and will probably play that again in the spring.  Some friends here moved into a new house this weekend, so the past few days have been filled with babysitting, menfolk helping with the move, and getting to spend some time visiting with friends.  Ellie also had a piano hymn festival and is preparing for her Christmas concert at a local assisted living facility.  In fact, some family might be visiting that day, which would be really special!  It's sometimes hard not being able to share the fun milestones of their little activities and performances with our family.  It's hard for everyone to travel, with health issues or just busy kids of their own.  We were grateful to have many summer visitors, though :)

Which brings me to a big milestone we passed last week.  TWO YEARS living here in South Texas.  I've started two blog entries that both just seemed like long whines and complaining, so I'll opt not to post those.  Suffice it to say it's been a hard transition and I'd hoped that two years in we'd feel at home here and at peace with living in this new city.  I do have peace in the knowledge that God has sent our family here, for Steven's good job, for the opportunity to slow down, and for some time away from the busy world back in Houston.  But I miss the joy that comes from sharing our day-to-day experiences with close friends and family.  I don't feel like I fit in, which is hard for me as an extrovert who gets energy and motivation through other people.  And right now, the biggest stress with living here is that my OB is 4+ hours away, and it has been hard going back and forth.  It's also hard to imagine how the next few months are going to play out with holidays, doctor appointments and at some point, actually staying in Houston for a few weeks awaiting baby's arrival and living away from Steven.  Please pray for us during this time!  The pregnancy is stressful as it is, with various little complications and facing a 5th cesarean.  I'm trusting in God to work out all the little details and to help me to have peace in all the unknowns of the coming months.

Well, kids are getting restless and distracted, so we'd better get busy with schoolwork.  And maybe I should get dressed.  Let's get some goals down for the week...

1. Complete sales of our Nutcracker tickets both for weekend performances and signing up our homeschool group for the school shows.
2. Decide what to do about needed black ballet shoes for Nutcracker (spray paint old ones or buy new ones or what?)
3. Co-Op on Tuesday and work towards a decision for the rest of the year, since the daily mass time is changing and will require us to adjust our schedule.  Plan hand motions for Timeline lesson.
4. Video tape the girls doing the Timeline and post to blog for other co-op families to be able to watch and practice.
5. Some important grocery items
6. Hosting Mom's Night here on Thursday.  Plan some snacks and drinks.
7. Start Christmas shopping.  We'll keep it simple and I have most of my ideas already.
8. Meals: Cheese-stuffed Manicotti, Pork loin, grilled chicken/steak, Papa Murphy's :), leftovers


Mary said...

Wow, two years. That was fast. You and that little baby are in my prayers. I am sorry the transition is so difficult, especially with a pregnancy. I know the loneliness, yet once we were able to return, I had memories of special gifts and experiences that I didn't realize at the time. I hope for you there are comforts along the way. (Like the beach! And that great hs group) :)

Mary said...

I hope this didn't sound preachy, I only meant to empathize ! :)

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