Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Video from Fishing Outing

I was chastised for not including the videos on the post about their fishing adventure. So here goes! (The videos are short because the camera battery was dying and kept cutting off!)

Ellie just misses a big bass

MC catches a big one (see picture on post below)

the other one won't load so I'll try again later!


Neen said...

Very cool dad there! My kiddos are still waiting for J to take them fishing.

candyspirit said...

We need to head for the beach and have the girls catch our dinner and have Steven cook it like he did in Corpus!

It was soo Yummy!

Love Ne Ne

Anonymous said...

so precious. How wonderful that steven takes the girls fishing, and even more wonderful that seem to really enjoy something he enjoys. Melissa Daigneault

veronica said...

Too cute..what fun memories..not sure if they are more fun for the daddy or the girls! fun times!

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