Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Heart's at Home Daybook-Jan 13

Outside My Window ...
it's sunny and cold, but inside we're toasty warm and dark. I need to open the blinds!
I am listening to...
classical music on the iPod...I think the selection right now is the Nutcracker.
We love the iPod dock!
Towards rhythm and beauty ...
Our life seems everything BUT rhythmic and beautiful right now. Runny noses, I've lost my voice, coughing, whining, missing Daddy. I've resolved to smile more this week :)
I am thankful for ...
my home, Steven's new job, my parents who are helping me a lot this week.
From the kitchen ...We're eating convenience foods this week! And lots of fruit smoothies.
I am wearing ...
a new black shirt that seems to be "stylish", jeans, and my sketcher crocks-type Mary Janes
I am creating ...
a list of moms to start a Charlotte Mason book club,
a list of books to purchase for this new semester
some new framed photos for our home
On my iPod
100 Most Popular Classical Songs (or something like that) from iTunes
Towards a real education ...
We found a website about US states yesterday and played around there.
We have 2 friends moving overseas in the next week, and a Daddy on a business trip
out of state. Lots of geography this week!
Bringing beauty to my home ...
trying to smile and capture the crazy moments in my mind and my heart
I am reading ...
just checked out Left to Tell and The Strong Willed Child from the library
but I've chosen to read my 10 cent Southern Living magazines
and Pottery Barn kids catalogs so far.
Trying to read a bit from the bible each morning
I am hoping ...
Mary Clare's MRI for her knee on Saturday isn't too traumatic
and yields helpful results. She has to be put under sedation at the children's hospital.
I'm worried sick. And missing my hubby. Hoping he doesn't get snowed in.
Please keep us in prayer!
Around the house ...
I am trying to catch up on the never ending laundry but am at least staying on top of
the dishes. The girls are supposed to be cleaning the playroom.
Mary Clare is trying to convince her sister to clean right now.
One of my favorite things ...
The one-piece long sleeve romper thing that Stevie is wearing today. Blue with a helicopter! It's 24 months but fits him perfectly and is so much easier than the pants/shirts combos on a baby.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
To smile, make some special sacrifices for single moms, stay on top of our schoolwork,
and TRUST in God's goodness!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

baby boy playing in the backyard recently. I love how the sun is shining on him.
He probably has a pebble in his hand he's about to eat!


Colleen said...

You are in my prayers, Blair! Congratulations to Steven on the new job. And, I guess Mary Clare is still in a lot of pain with her knee? I hope the MRI answers some questions for you all. She will be specially in my prayers during the procedure.

And, that picture of little Steven is so adorable! He's getting so big!

Hinckley said...

Thanks, Blair, for the comment on my blog. Praying for you also with Steven away.

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