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One of my new favorite times of the week, piano lessons!  The girls had their 3rd lesson today.  The teacher is such a kind, gentle, quiet soul.  Her home reflects that.  It's an hour of peace in the midst of a busy week.  Thomas has slept through the lessons in the stroller the past 2 times!  She sets out toys for the kids (you can see the Legos), and today they showed the girls a beautiful old dollhouse in the garage.  They were in Heaven!  They cannot wait until piano day, and are doing really well with their lessons, too!

 And some pretty things around my house...
This beautiful framed print of Paris, I got from the thrift store for $5

 And fun fresh flowers making me smile :-)
Today was finally the first t-ball game for Steven Joseph!  Is he cute, or what?  He's been waiting all week for game day.  His favorite part was the snow cone each team member got after the game!

He's 2nd from the left, these boys are just too cute for words!  My favorite part was watching about 10 of them go after the same ball!

He was the team cheerleader, yelling "baseball ready!" and getting all his teammates to yell and cheer for themselves too.  His coach complemented him on that, and for reminding his teammates not to fight over the ball!

Had to add a pic of happy little brother here today on his half-birthday.  I can't believe he's 18 months old!  He was a good sport today having to go to piano, ballet, and the t-ball game.  He spent most of the game yelling for DADDY at 3rd base.  He wanted to be out on the field with the boys!

Okay, so I'm obviously not the best at teaching spelling.  But this list just had to be shared!  I found it on my nightstand this morning.  I'll translate her requests:
"a baby sis, Playmobil Hospital, Kindle, my own room, to move back to Houston, to get a dog or cat, to get a fish, to go to medical school, no more chores, a queen bed, to meet Arden (her cousin in CA), to see Hannah (her friend who moved to FL), to paint my room pink, to sign me up for 4-H (she goes to meetings but I haven't figured out the online registration), and for Uncle Brice to find a job in Corpus Christi.  Dear Mom and Dad, please consider these things.  Love, Mary Clare"
Poor thing.  Most of these requests we have not much control over, whether financially or logistically.  But I love her wishes nonetheless! 

Funny how much a little magazine can make me happy!  I saw on my favorite deal blog that you could sign up for a free subscription (I also got some magazine for the kids a few weeks later, can't remember which one).  So many of the houses featured in the articles are the fun, colorful style that I love, and I had such an enjoyable time looking through this tonight.  I found myself wishing it was digital so I could "pin" a bunch of photos onto my Pinterest boards!

Hubby is really into beekeeping.  Here he is putting the hive together (I think).  If you missed his video of capturing a feral beehive, you might want to watch it (unless you're NeNe!).  It's pretty fascinating.  And just a little bit scary.

Mary Clare explained this as the bees making a queen cell.  She understands all of this better than I do.

Real after-dinner fun.  Poker with Daddy!  Thomas was trying to steal the chips!  My husband is quite a student of life.  From beehives to poker, from sports to cooking...I love the way he enjoys learning and teaching all these things.  Thank you, God, for a husband who can really show me and the kids how to broaden our horizons and learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

That is QUITE the comprehensive wish list!

Mindy said...

HI! Came over from Like Mother, Like Daugther. Nice to meet you.
I too am Mom to 4......
I tried to sign my 3 year old up for tee ball but around here they have to be 5. I was so sad!

Tracy C. said...

That list is awesome! We call our MaryClare MC sometimes too.

I love your piano teacher- I wish we could come from Ga for lessons!

It's great that your 18 month old is so easy going. It does make it easier to bear when you have to bring them along to the other kids' activities and such.

*kate said...

That is a fabulous wish list :)
I hope our boys can take piano someday too. And that we'll find a teacher like yours, she sounds wonderful.

Leila said...

Awesome post. That list is a hoot!

Lisa said...

What a list! Your Parisian scene is nice - I like scenes of Paris, too.

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