Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Appliqued Baby Onesie

We picked out a few fun girly things at the store for little Miriam, but I also wanted to give her something handmade.  This was the blog post I used for inspiration.  I found a brand new onesie in a package at the children's resale store for $1, and then started searching the net for appliqued onesies!

The floral fabric was from an old bed skirt that I bought at a thrift store and have always loved the pattern.  I used Stitch Witchery to iron the appliques on, and then I sewed around the edges, with a zigzag for the M on the onesie, and regular straight stitch on the rest.

I twisted some white fabric and sewed it on with the machine to make the white flower.  My sewing machine gave out in the middle of sewing around the M, so it doesn't look perfect, but I thought it would be a fun girly onesie for the springtime!

Mary Clare wanted to make something too, so I helped her decorate a burp cloth.  She picked the fabrics and made the little flowers with buttons herself!
We were so glad to finally meet little Miriam, and are also happy to have some new ideas for baby gifts!

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Jessica Gordon said...

That turned out so cute!! And Mary Clare did a great job on the burp cloth! A friend of mine recently made us some darling little applique-style neck-tie onesies for our new baby. Love them.

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