Tuesday, March 06, 2012


A quick dump of photos from my iPhone tonight... I feel like I'm running like a chicken with my head cut off right now. It's been a busy week and it's just going to get busier! We're enjoying our week with BopBop visiting, and we're looking forward to our long weekend seeing friends and family back home.  Lots to do to get ready, though!  I'll try to pop in with some park photos over the next few days, we've had some gorgeous weather!

 I'm not sure where this t-shirt came from!  I found it in the dryer, and I guess it came with one of the hand-me-down loads from his cousins, but I didn't remember it.  Regardless, you can tell he loves it!

Fun memories at our Thursday Classical Conversations co-op.  Tomorrow we'll have it here at our house for the first time!

Steven took this one morning before work.  I had to crop it, but you get the idea.  This is how I sleep.  Kids in front of me, kids in back of me.  And it's a wonder why I like to stay up late at night before climbing into the bed of monkeys!  At least I can be free of touching and whining when I'm awake and they're all asleep!

This weekend I had some fun little dates with my boys.  Here we are at Luby's.  Thomas just wanted to play with the Jello.

The living room is finally coming together!  I bought this rug at Tuesday Morning over the weekend.  I've never had an area rug, and we hardly ever buy any furniture item new.  Actually, I don't think we've ever bought new furniture!  The picture is at night, so it's hard to tell the color, but it's a pretty grey/blue.  I figured I'd just try it out and thought I'd return it, but we ended up loving it!  Already been "baptized" with glitter glue and a cheese slice caked in, so I guess it's here to stay!

Finally, TBall has begun!  We're going all-out Little League this year, and he enjoyed the first practice.  Well, sort of.  He complained that they didn't get to hit or throw the ball.  They just ran back and forth and learned the names of home plate and first base.  I can't wait to see him in a cute little real baseball uniform!

And his little fan!  Going to be a fun baseball season!

Coach hit the ball and he had to run to first and back.

Maybe one day he'll figure out the non-straining smile :-)

This is our piano/sewing room right now.  Right by the front door.  And we have all sorts of guests visiting this week.  Ahhh!  Must clean this up!  But we are having fun finishing their stuffed dolls for their girls' club back home, and making some gifts for a special little baby girl :-)

Aside from our park visits this week we've been doing lots of reading.  Ellie is all about Dr. Seuss right now, and we read Peter Pan for the first time!  Also reading Civil War and Abe Lincoln books with Mary Clare.  The girls are preparing a presentation on St. Katharine Drexel for Friday.  Ellie is teaching herself cursive, and learning lots about the Divine Mercy from BopBop.  Thomas has been extremely fussy.  Not sure if he's teething or something, or just scared of his grandpa ;-)  Actually he's starting to communicate more, saying "DON'T!!!!!" so I think he feels he's the boss right now. 

We met a neighbor with a young daughter on the way home from the park yesterday who invited the kids to help plant green beans.  We ended up staying for awhile and playing in their backyard.  I learned a lot of tips about our new area, and am thinking we might give swim team a shot here after all.  It's down the street, doesn't start until summer, and much more low-key than back home.  Tomorrow we're also having our one local family member (Steven's cousin) for dinner.  I've never met her; should be fun! 

Lots going on this month of March, and I have a feeling that will continue until the summer when ballet and Tball are over.  Spring is always a busy time, but I'm grateful that we have some fun things going on, and hopeful that we'll continue to settle in to our new home and community, while still making some visits and fostering the very special relationships we have with friends (and of course family) back "home."  Maybe one day I'll be able to call this town "home." 

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Elizabeth said...

I love the rug! It looks perfect with your furniture and decor!! Every time I think of Luby's I think of us eating there as children.

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