Thursday, March 29, 2012

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A last-minute evening beach trip on Sunday; we had a nice time, except that I got sand in my camera so it's not working anymore!!!


The kids have been enjoying some warm afternoons with the hose on the driveway!


An example of the Nerf arsenal at church after Sunday Mass.  I love that Steven Joseph is thrilled to go to church these days, although I'm not sure it's quite for the right reasons...

Also, note his almost-grown-to-bowl-cut-length of hair, because it's been buzzed again!  It was getting a bit too shaggy for Daddy's liking.  I'm not sure I'm going to win this one, so at least I'll enjoy Thomas' longer locks for the moment ;-)

 We really got to go to Mass with Cardinal Dolan on Monday morning!  (Gotta love the iPhone zoom capabilities!)  My friend who grew up here had found out through a family member that he'd be saying mass at the chapel of the "Pink Sisters" and that we should try to make it.  Of course, it had to be a morning where Steven needed to be at work early and couldn't join us!  So I dragged all 4 kids out of bed to the standing-room-only mass.  The girls shared a folding chair while I chased the boys around outside the chapel.  We didn't get to meet Cardinal Dolan but they handed out medals he blessed of the foundress of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, Blessed Maria Virgo.  Steven Joseph's medal even holds a small relic!

For those who aren't familiar with Cardinal Dolan, he is the Archbishop of New York recently named to the College of Cardinals and is the President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  A charismatic and conservative leader, many say that he could end up becoming the first American pope.  Who knows!  Regardless, a special morning for us to attend this mass, and a reminder to me of how I should take advantage of these beautiful convents, chapels, religious centers, and everything that is just minutes from my doorstep!

And I'll leave you with a striking photo of two of my beauties...

Thankful this Thursday for all the beautiful things in my life!


Unknown said...

OK Mass with Cardinal Dolan - pretty darn cool!
A day at the beach with family - even cooler.
Awesome photos!

*kate said...

I love your beach pictures. And the Nerf collection is pretty impressive.

Lisa said...

I was just at Michelle's blog with her snowy pictures - now I'm looking at beach pics; so pretty, and such smiling faces! Too bad about your camera.

Jill said...

Does your Iphone really have zooming capabilities?

Love the beach your beach life!!

Rosie said...

Those beach photos are great! I hope you can get your camera back in action.

Blair said...

Thanks friends. Jill, yes the iPhone zooms but I was being sarcastic about the zoom quality ;) if you try to "squeeze in" with 2 fingers, it pulls up a little slider to choose the zoom.

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