Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Service Project at Ronald McDonald House

The girls finished out their 4-H year with a service project at the local Ronald McDonald House by the children's hospital.  They cooked a full dinner, served the residents, and brought homemade desserts to share.  To say the girls had fun would be an understatement.  They had a blast!  Ellie asked if we could do that every day.  She loved asking the guests what they wanted to eat like a good little waitress.  It was like playing restaurant for real!  Here are some photos from the evening...



Chicken pounders

More salad girls

And the assembly line for stuffed, breaded chicken thighs

Had to bring the boys along until Daddy got off work.  I let him have the iPhone...

Don't take my picture!

And more chicken assembly line...

The whole group together in the kitchen

And with Ronald

4-H has been a wonderful organization for us this year.  I'm glad they were able to participate in this service project and enjoy time together with their 4-H friends.  It's a great group of kids from our homeschooling group, and I hope for many more fun times as they start up again this fall!

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