Sunday, May 19, 2013


photo credit, Mary Clare :)

I'm posting a quick message here late on Saturday night.  I'd like to ask prayers for the family of one of Steven's co-workers.  Her teenage son passed away last week and the funeral is tomorrow afternoon.  His name was Alex.

There was also a young man who was in our circles growing up who passed away last week in some kind of shooting.  My parents attended his funeral mass a few days ago.  His name was Patrick.

Our good friends here who lost their little boy to a tragic accident last summer have had a rough week.  The dad has been in the hospital for several days with a serious stomach ailment.  We got to spend a fun day watching their 2 youngest children yesterday, and we are all hoping that Joey recovers soon and is able to come home from the hospital tomorrow.

Thank you for offering a prayer for these suffering friends.

We're making it through a busy weekend with the end-of-year homeschool party/talent show, last t-ball game, Sunday Mass, funeral, piano recital, and t-ball party.  We had one child sick tonight, but I think it was a case of being overheated and eating massive amounts of watermelon.  Hoping she is better tomorrow!  We have houseguests planning to come for Memorial Day, so we don't need anyone sick!

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