Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Favorites

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com

Girls' Cape May Cutie Eyelet One Piece Swimsuit 

I was doing some online shopping for swimsuits this weekend.  Isn't this one adorable?  Mary Clare has grown out of all her current suits, and I've been pleased with how these pink Lands End ones they're wearing in the photo below from 2011 have held up.  (They're even having a sale with free shipping for $50 purchase, but I think it ends today, Tuesday.) 
We bought 3 different sizes of the pink ones on clearance at the end of summer 2011, so the bigger ones have gotten lots of use!  Ellie has a long torso, though, so I need to sew her straps back a bit on the biggest size that she's wearing this year (like I needed to on this photo!).  MC didn't pick the cute navy swimsuit above, but two tankinis with skirts which I hope will fit okay and fully cover her belly...I've never bought tankinis for the girls.  I also bought a new swim shirt/rash guard for Steven Joseph.  The ones we have are starting to fall apart they're so thin!  Have you found any good swimsuit deals?


While on the subject of swimming, how about my favorite kids' life vest?  They have these at Academy for a normal price unlike the Amazon link, and we bought ours years ago.  It's one swim item that has stood the test of time.  One of our more recently-bought Puddle Jumper life jackets has already gotten a broken buckle.  But this yellow one has held up to the antics of Steven Joseph, which is saying something.  We require our kids who aren't strong swimmers to wear life jackets when they're in or near the water without an assigned adult right by them, so they get lots of summer use.  We went to the beach twice over the weekend and SJ was a maniac in the water, but I have some sense of peace knowing at least he's wearing a life jacket!  And yeah, it's probably time to go and get him a bigger one!


 Pencil Sharpener

Anyone have a favorite pencil sharpener?  We have a few little ones that keep getting lost, but now the big electric one I was going to buy on Amazon has gotten a huge price hike (from like $25 to $50!).  So I ordered this little manual one tonight.  It has decent reviews. We'll see how it holds up to the roughness of the B family!

Image of It's a Wonderful World 

Is this not the coolest quilt?  I was reading a "living with kids" home tour blog post on Design Mom and clicked to the homeowner's website.  This is what she does.  So amazing!


I've been looking at summer shoes today.  I love clogs, although I've never tried Dansko brand.  I like these, but the price tag is pretty hefty, and the jute on the bottom seems like it wouldn't hold up.  Anyone have some favorite summer shoes to share?  I like my Keen sandals and Merrell flats,
Keen Newport Sandads Red - Women'sProduct Details
but the Keens are more athletic-looking and the Merrells just took a trip in the washer and dryer since they were so grimy, and now there is a seam that is coming undone on one of the straps.  I think I'd like something closed-toed and closed-heeled, but I'm open to any options that are comfy, supportive, cute and not exorbitantly-priced!

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Melissa D. said...

we love Land's End swim suits. CG has a long torso, and I always get her tankinis, just b/c I find it easier to get her to the bathroom, but I do sometimes order a size larger in the top for her to make sure they are long enough. My favorite summer shoes are Teva flip flops. I've never had their sandals, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flip flops, and they have really good support. I've actually literally worn out 4 pair in the last 10 years (the most used pair took 7 years to wear out), and just ordered 3 new pair last week. :)

Julia said...

Hey Blair! I have had plantar fasciitis since baby 3 came and had to switch from my favorite flats to some real shoes. But yes, the price tag was hefty and I had a really hard time doing admitting I couldn't shop at payless anymore. I love Dansko, I have one pair of clogs and they are my foot rehab shoes, I wear them when my feet hurt or back is hurting, and they sort of set everything straight again. I love the Taos brand too, I have some silver strap sandals which I can wear to Mass on Sundays or with jeans or shorts. I too am wondering about the jute sole. Love the way it looks! I want to wear some espadrilles but I don't think my feet will love me for that. I'd love to hear what you end up going with, good luck! :)

Josie said...

Shoes!! I love shoes! I just recently bought these brown sandals at REI

They are not at all what you say you wanted but they are INCREDIBELY comfortable and so supportive. Honestly they feel like my running shoes only my feet stay cool. I bought them for a recent trip to Bangkok and they did not disappoint despite all the walking, heat and humidity. More importantly I didn't get any blisters or sore feet. Good luck on your shoe search!

Micaela Darr said...

Sigh. Girl's bathing suits. We are waiting until we get back to CA in a couple weeks to pick out new ones. My oldest has a long torso and we are navigating the tankini switch. Let us know how Land's End holds up, okay?

Social Lady said...

That quilt is just beautiful! And the shoes are super-cute. I have arthritis in my feet and have been wearing my ugly Crocs that seem to help. You have inspired me to find some way cuter shoes that give me support and feel great. Wonderful list!

Laura Pearl said...

How cute are your girls in those bathing suits?!

And that quilt is positively amazing!

Rosie said...

Those suits are SO cute!!! We do exclusively 2-piece suits because potty needs are always very immediate, but our little rash guard + swim skirt suits have been holding up great so far!

Laura (LullabyMom) said...

Oh my! Dansko saved my life! They are the best shoes I've ever owned and I would highly recommend them. I am a mother of 7 and my feet have taken a beating the past 12 years and Dansko was the answer. The price is worth it and they last forever.

God bless you and thank you for your blog.

Rebekah Es said...

The trick is with pencil sharpeners that you cannot ever, ever, ever put a colored pencil in there or it is destroyed. I finally broke down and bought a super expensive sharpener and we love it. I don't know what kind it is because it is packed, so that is absolutely not helpful.

Have always loved Lands End swimwear, for moms, too!

Merrel flats are wonderful, wearing them as we speak. But the Dansko clogs are so tempting because they would give me a little height (5'2"), so it is fun to be a little taller.

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