Thursday, May 30, 2013

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We went to the beach on both Friday and Sunday.  Here are Friday's photos; Sundays will be next to load to the blog!  I think this one is my favorite from Friday.  Looks like they're pointing to a jellyfish.  There were lots of them.  

Some of the pics have different edits because I was shooting in the wrong mode and they were overexposed.  I still like this one of the girls though.

Steven Joseph out there with his trusty life jacket!  This summer will be a treat for me.  At this point Tommy isn't interested in the water very much, so he just plays in the sand and I can focus on SJ.  I love me some babies, but it's nice to have a summer without a nursing baby at the beach!

Oh but the babies are very scrumptious!  Here are my friends' babies.  Not sure how much sand these two ended up eating, or how happy they were about the beach, but they were such cute little beach babies!

I think this is my favorite of Tommy.  Happy Boy!

Happy kids checking out a dead puffer fish or something.

It's funny how serious the kids get when they are making sand castles.  Working so hard at the beach!

For Theme Thursday--Self Portrait
This is from a few weeks ago.  I had Mary Clare take a new profile picture of me.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I'm not crazy about the green grass with my green shirt, but we were short on time and the backyard was our only option for good light.  She was on a chair and I was squatting or sitting on the ground.  Better for double chins, you know!


Jill Foley said...

The day at the beach looks fun! And what a great new profile shot of you!

Micaela Darr said...

Beautiful! These beach shots are AWEsome, too! Love love love them!

Colleen said...

Beautiful photos - your necklace adds just the right pops of color!

Stephanie said...

Your day at the beach looks so warm and fun! Happy summering :)

Laura said...

Nice beach pictures and I love the profile pic. The necklace breaks up the green and makes for a lovely picture!

Rebekah Es said...

Your hair is just too gorgeous. Seriously unattainable for me, but I love to admire it. Well done Mary Clare, and your beach day looked perfect.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I love this happy slice out of your life. New profile pic = a total win!

Unknown said...

I love beach pictures. Always. The light is absolutely unlike anywhere else.

And your new profile picture is beautiful. Your necklace is very cheery!

Tacy said...

Those babies are soooo cute! :D

Sarah Thérèse said...

Oh,those baby cheecks! <3 <3 <3 And your profile picture is lovely! The necklace is perfect. God bless!

Rosie said...

I agree with Colleen, the necklace is a perfect pop of color! And way to go, Mary Clare!

Jamie Jo said...

Oh,Blair, you are so pretty! You must live someplace warm...I love the ocean--you are so blessed to be so close! (we live in the arctic MN!)

Your kiddos are so cute playing on the beach, and those babies--Oh, soooo adorable, now if they don't make you (or anyone) want more babies, nothing will! :)

Julia said...

What a nice idea to do self portraits. I leave myself out of pictures too often and it's probably a good idea for kid to know what their Mom looked like when they were young ;) The beach is my happy place. you guys are so blessed to be so close to one! Those shots could be paintings, beautifully captured!

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