Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Motivation

Starting with another Insta-collage...
Top L-R: MC gave me a "lace braid into a messy flower bun", blow-drying the baseball glove AGAIN, Daddy and kids by the firepit one evening, Tommy and Puppy on the drive to Houston,
2nd row: all the kids in the car (yay for sleeping boys!), badminton at my parents' house, Tommy loves these headphones and uses them as his helicopter pilot headset, the view at Little Way Farm.
3rd row: kids had picked dewberries at the farm, Mary Clare with her lace braid, pretty fabric at Hobby Lobby, boys playing with a turtle during the baseball game.
4th row: SJ had fun watching Enriquito's baseball game, Ellie and me by my fav restaurant!, bottling honey at the farm, and BopBop enjoying our back porch last night!

Happy Monday!  We had a fun long weekend in the Houston area, staying at our friends' farm.  We brought my father-in-law back home with us, so I have some extra hands this week!  Looks like we are in the final 2 weeks of school, if everything goes well.  We're winding down and starting to plan our new school year, looking at different curricula and co-ops, plans for our homeschool support group, and also our big vacation.  So excited!

I should actually be able to get a lot done this week with the motivation and help of Steven's dad.  Here are my goals:

Last week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Make bed most days
3. Read aloud most days
4. Continue reading Charlotte Mason and blog about it
5. Continue reading "The Optimistic Child"
6. Print Communion photos and find thank-yous
7. Prep for another Houston trip!
8. Make decisions about our family vacation :)

9. Meals: leftovers, Parmesan chicken bake, leftovers, traveling!

Woohoo!  I did pretty well this past week!  We ended up eating out on Tuesday after the t-ball game, and just had a breakfast dinner on Wednesday.  We ate out way too much on our trip though, and need to work on our food budget for next month.  And, budget work in general is needed and keeps getting postponed. 

This week:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Make bed most days
3. Read aloud most days
4. Continue reading Charlotte Mason and Optimistic Child
5. Winter/summer clothing change-out and donations
6. Vacation planning :)
7.  Morning prayer on patio
8.  Meals: Calabaza con Pollo, Steak and broccoli, Parmesan chicken bake, lots of leftovers.  Print the recipes from meal-planning website.


Jill said...

Good luck on the schooling homestretch. We have three weeks left here and are looking forward to summer too.

Heather said...

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