Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Motivation

Top L-R: Spoiled Tommy in our bed, SJ's alphabet!, girls in new clothes from their cousin, Vera Bradley eye candy in Houston, Tommy working with priest vestments in the Atrium, Girls with NeNe at Bering's in Houston, driving back from Houston with my new shades, Mother's Day dinner at PF Changs, and the fortune and a pretty rose from a valet!

(I'm having issues with the margins from the new template so I can't do the full-sized photos...Hoping they can help me fix it!)

Today has been a lazy day.  I can't seem to find my energy and took a long nap this afternoon.  Hopefully I've rested enough to survive the rest of the week!

And just before I published this I checked on what day Steven's t-ball game would be this week and realized it was in 20 minutes!!!  We rushed over and made it just a few minutes late.  A close one!

Last Week's Goals:
1. Bills and budgeting
2. Make bed most days
3. Read aloud most days
4. Continue reading Charlotte Mason and Optimistic Child
5. Winter/summer clothing change-out and donations
6. Vacation planning :)
7.  Morning prayer on patio
8.  Meals: Calabaza con Pollo, Steak and broccoli, Parmesan chicken bake, lots of leftovers.  Print the recipes from meal-planning website.

This Week's Goals:
1. Bills and Budgeting
2. Make Bed most days
3. Read Aloud most days
4. Continue reading Charlotte Mason and Optimistic Child
5. Kid Clothing change-out
6. Morning prayer on patio
7. Finish off school year!
8. Meals: Steak, leftovers, Spaghetti, Pasta Bake, Brown Sugar baked chicken


Rosie said...

His alphabet looks great! Did he use q-tips or whiteboard markers? John Paul keeps begging me to let him paint and I won't, but I think I saw something about q-tip painting on pinterest that I *might* trust him with...

Rebekah Es said...

Love the boy in bed, that's our house!

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