Thursday, May 09, 2013

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 Some pretty photos in our backyard by Mary Clare!

Happy boys at a t-ball game!


 Steven Joseph gets so, so excited to play pitcher!  He usually gets to play it for one inning.  One happy baseball boy!

Just like at BopBop and Grampatti's house, the naughty squirrels like to climb the trees and steal from the bird feeder!

I'd really like to get poor Mary's garden looking pretty for her this month!  I'm thinking maybe we should have bought the bigger statue.  She looks so tiny!  I was hoping to have a May Crowning one Saturday morning, but I can't figure out a date to host it, so I'm not sure if it'll happen.  I probably just need to choose a random afternoon and do it.  I wanted it to be a mother-daughter tea party, but maybe that's not practical with busy weekends in May.  I'd love any ideas from botanically-gifted folks about how to make this area move up to the {pretty} section soon!



Reinventing Mother said...

I love the little Mary's garden!

Jill Foley said...

I love the first photo of flowers! - and the hummingbirds!!!! How fun.

Melissa D. said...

Love the humming bird pic, and all the tball. I am not botanically gifted, but the flowers I've had really good luck with are: lantana ( of course), vinca, petunias and verbena. I need to do a garden post, because I'm finally having a little luck, my mums that were not cared for while we were in London, are actually bursting with buds. Seems a little crazy to me . . .since its may & all. My new thing this year is trying some new trailing varieties. I have portulaca (miss roses) and creeping flox. The portulaca are doing The creeping flox, I'm not sure is going to be hardy enough to flourish inspie of

Melissa D. said...

My phone is being picky. "Flourish in spite of me!"

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