Thursday, May 23, 2013

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  I thought the sky looked pretty cool one night last week.
We had a few weeks with a few days of rain, but are now definitely starting to feel like summer is here!

And always some pretty outdoor pics by my Mary Clare...

Mary Clare apparently did a photo shoot with the other kids one day.  Not sure where Mommy was!
We can entitle this one, "School is done!  YAY!"  Ellie finished the last half of her last spelling lesson this morning.  We'll continue to work on some different things a few days each week during the summer but won't stress over trying to do it all. 

Ellie is a jump-roping master, and Steven Joseph wanted to be a "motorcycle man" on this particular day.  (photos also by MC)

My littlest man with his big boy haircut enjoying his pizza for breakfast.  How much more real can you get?  He did have a fruit and yogurt smoothie too :)

We're enjoying being on a more lax schedule without all the homeschooling and other activities.  Last night we volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House with the 4-H club, making and serving them dinner.  I need to post their end-of-year events like the piano recital and t-ball party.  I've also been doing lots of discernment about fall activities.  Hopefully things will come together in the coming weeks and we'll have some idea of what our summer and fall semesters will look like.

Hope your week has been pretty, happy, funny and real! 

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Rosie said...

LOVE that picture of them in their cowboy boots! Adorable :)

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