Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!  We'll take a slow day since most of the country has a holiday today.  Kids are just getting started with schoolwork and we'll lay low until ballet class tonight.  The boys are dressed in camo and ready for some "hunting" in the backyard

Here's a fun video to start your week off with a smile :-)
Not sure what I love most...Tommy in his diaper saying "one more time!," Ellie with her interesting rendition of the "Dashing through the snow" verses, or Steven Joseph walking through holding the phone on speaker with NeNe.

Thanks for your sweet encouraging words in my "What I Wore Sunday" post!  You ladies are so kind, and I'll be sure to join that link up often just for the pick-me-up!  Now I'm ready to post these goals I started last night, so I can go take a shower and start my real work for the's nearing 11:30am!

Goals from last week:
1. Make order for Seton homeschooling materials.
2. Complete some gift purchases.
3. Update bills and addresses (call BofA again, Allstate, Driscoll, and Dentist) STILL MORE FOLLOW UP
4. Decide on workout plan (gym or Zumba?) HAVEN'T DECIDED BUT I DID 2 ZUMBA CLASSES AND 1 JOG DOWN THE STREET
5. Daily readings on Laudate DO MORE OFTEN      !
6. Help MC complete 4H projects and paperwork.
7. Art contest? DECIDED AGAINST
8. One Daily Mass. MAYBE IT'S NOT MY SEASON?
9. Take down the rest of the Xmas decor; hang the rest of the pictures inside. SOME XMAS STUFF STILL NEEDS TO FIND A STORAGE PLACE, AND NEED TO HAND ARTWORK IN MASTER BEDROOM
10. Meals: Baked chicken and rice, Grilled chicken/steak, Pizza, Spaghetti, Pasta bake, Rotisserie chicken HAD TO TOSS THE GROUND BEEF TODAY.  JUST FREEZE IT NEXT TIME!

Goals for this week:
1. Order remainder of homeschooling books.
2. Bills, file, and phone calls (bank, dentist, hospital)
3. Workout 3x
4. Daily readings on Laudate
5. Put away remainder of Christmas decor
6. Start prepping guest room
7. Furniture purchases
8. Meals: Leftover tortilla soup, baked chicken tenders, baked potatoes, breakfast for dinner, pizza
9. Blog posts: Livestock Show, Steven Joseph funnies, Instagram collage, PrettyFunnyHappyReal,  WIWS            

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