Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mary Clare's Birthday Family Celebrations

Mary Clare woke up to a special Cheesecake Factory slice surprise (along with cupcakes for siblings), some gifts, and a funny CAKE CANDLE that the previous owners left in the cabinet.  That whole bundt cake is actually a candle! 
(Please excuse the focusing problems with my new lens!) 

American Girl Caroline books

And American Girl Doll Star craft kit!

A cute outfit from Grampatti

And some framed artwork and money from NeNe and PaPa.  She has almost saved enough to buy a new doll!

Mommy didn't have it together enough for dinner that night, so Daddy picked up Mary Clare's choice of Chinese food!

And we sang to her with the giant cake candle

A happy day for the big girl, but more fun was to come....To be continued.

1 comment:

Lena said...

prayers for a blessed year for the beautiful birthday girl.

impressive candle.

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