Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sunshine and some Monday Motivation

Sunshine-y photos are actually from Friday evening, but I'm up early on Sunday and we have a full day of mass (MC and I are joining the choir), and our first visit to the CIRCUS!

A friend just started a Facebook photography group for moms so I'm trying to learn how to better use my camera!  Here are some I took on Friday; I've since learned that this is called "backlighting" and I need to adjust the settings so their faces are clearer.  But I still love all of these photos, and the subjects even more!

 (this first one was edited by my friend, Kristen)



Goals from last week:
1. Order remainder of homeschooling books.
2. Bills, file, and phone calls (bank, dentist, hospital)
3. Workout 3x
4. Daily readings on Laudate
5. Put away remainder of Christmas decor
6. Start prepping guest room
7. Furniture purchases

8. Meals: Leftover tortilla soup, baked chicken tenders, baked potatoes, breakfast for dinner, pizza
9. Blog posts: Livestock Show, Steven Joseph funnies, Instagram collage,
PrettyFunnyHappyReal,  WIWS      

Goals for this week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. DENTIST (I just found a hole in the side of my tooth, yikes!)
3. Workout DAILY to prep for 5K
4. Clothes for 5K
5. Daily Readings on Laudate
6. Finish putting away Christmas decor and CLEAN HOUSE and yard for guests
7. Prep guest room
8. Meals: Baked chicken, pizza, breakfast for dinner, Calabaza con Pollo, lasagna
9. Blog posts: WIWS, backyard, prettyhappyfunnyreal, circus, 5K!


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls!

Andrea said...

Oh your girls are just so pretty. I can't believe how grown up MC looks. She has kindness in her eyes.

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