Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Superboy

I'm still adjusting to the fact that my sweet boy is now FIVE!  We've started a reading and math program this month (All About Reading and Abeka), and he loves his schooling time.  But even more, he loves playing with his brother, having their backyard "hunts," riding his bike/scooter/skateboard, and shooting Nerf guns all over the house.

So I have been meaning to write a little post to remember some of the funny things he has said recently that I don't want to get lost in the black hole of Facebook posts.

While in Houston over the Christmas holiday....
I was changing the channels on the TV at the cousins' house one morning and asked if the kids wanted to watch (the older version of) Miracle on 34th Street.  Steven responded in disgust, "No way!  We've already seen that movie.  It looks all gray or something!"

Later that morning during Mass, he was playing with a baby wipe and whispered in my ear, "Will this wipe light on fire?" I responded that it probably would. He started glaring at the candles around the church and replied in excitement, "Can I try it?"

Last week:
He asked when his birthday would be.  I said that it's in almost a year, on December 20th.
"No, when is my NEXT birthday?" he continued.
 I repeat that it's on December 20th.
"AGAIN?" he asks!

His latest funny statement is "as a whistle." Something might be as straight as a whistle, as good as a whistle, as funny as a whistle, etc!

And some photos...

Earlier this month, he went on his first real deer hunt with his daddy and a friend.
 Our friend shot a doe.  SJ had a fun time and now the girls are 
itching for their own turkey hunting trip which is in the works.

I think this was a Mommy-Son date at Target :)

This was just too funny.  He kept drawing pictures like this a couple weeks ago, 
and he made sure we knew that it was a BOY!  (This is his brother)

He was super cute at the Livestock show in his boots, jeans, and baseball cap!

And this was after the Livestock show, when Ellie was in ballet class 
and I decided we'd wait in the car, instead of going to our usual park outing.  
He was sobbing, saying he'd do anything to go to the park.
 Mean Mommy was taking pictures of him in his misery.  
He was stroking my hair trying to get me to concede.  
I didn't, but we did go to that park today!

Superman in cowboy boots on his new skateboard :)

This boy can be super sweet and super naughty, but I love him so much in all of his 5 year-old glory! I never hesitate to look at his chest scar and remember what he went through with his heart defect, and I thank God for pulling him through such a grueling surgery with flying colors.  He really is my little Superboy!

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