Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Mary Clare
an acrostic

M ind is quick to learn
A lways has the answer
R eady to be a tween
Y earning to make her way in the world

C herishes friendships
L oves her AG dolls
A nd fashion, and 4-H
R eally creative, really smart
E ven as a baby, this girl had the world figured out!

We can't wait to see what the coming years have in store for you, Mary Clare.  You are beautiful and bright, just like your patron saints Mary and Clare.  We ask Our Lady to pray for you to always be filled with God's beauty and grace, and to St. Clare for you to be a shining light as she was.  You will do great things in the world.  When you put your mind to something, you are determined to make it happen.  With God's help, you will make some wonderful things happen in your life.  Let's enjoy this new year and see what kinds of great things 2013 brings, okay?  We love you!  Happy 10th Birthday!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Mary Clare!!
It almost makes me cry to think that our girls are turning into young ladies. My 'baby' girl turns ten in a month.

Enjoy your day and being a decade old!

Neen said...

I hope that she is enjoying the 10th year and has a happy happy birthday.

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