Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Memories 2012, Part 2

On Christmas Eve, we drove to my parents' side of town and went to the 4:00pm Children's Mass at the church where I grew up.  It has a beautiful almost-life-sized Nativity.

After Mass, we came back for dinner and then the kids opened their new PJs.  We loaded them up for a "fun" drive through a nearby neighborhood known for its Christmas lights while NeNe and PaPa went to bed.  I say "fun" because it was quite a let-down.  Two nameless family members did not want to go on this excursion at all, and had a bit of a negative attitude about it all.  And in the end, they were right.  The light displays left a lot to be desired and the long lines to see the bad displays were almost humorous!  Oh well, we made it back to put the sleeping boys in bed and get the girls to sleep.

And they woke up the next morning to a Christmas tree full of goodies!  I didn't get very many photos, but here are a few, and a few from my phone, too.  For their larger gifts, Mary Clare got a Playmobil Hospital and a (handed down, but still in box) My American Girl Doll.  Ellie got a camera, a Playmobil Nursery, and an American Girl desk (also handed down, which they figured out soon enough even though I tried to make it look like they hadn't been opened! They still love them and are grateful that their cousin passed them down!).  Steven Joseph got a Playmobil fishing boat, along with a Nerf gun and Nerf vest.  And Thomas got a Melissa & Doug metal shopping cart and a wooden sword. They also got some fun art kits from NeNe and PaPa, and we got some sweaters!  Mommy also got a new camera lens and Daddy got a DVD he'd been wanting along with some whiskey glasses :)  A fun Christmas for all!

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