Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Zoo

Last Friday afternoon, Daddy left work a little early so we could visit the zoo! We hadn't been since the spring and there is a new African safari area that opened a few weeks ago. We got there around 4pm and stayed until the 6pm closing. It was a great time to go with hardly anyone there!

It was actually a cold evening, unlike the 80 degree weather we've been experiencing this week! Notice the coats; we haven't been wearing those much!

We're always fascinated by the horns on these guys!

Steven Joseph preferred the safety of the stroller for much of the evening.

The chimps even wore blankets around them it was so cold!

Mama kept warm with a hooded scarf and a snugly wrapped up baby!

We were a 2-stroller family that night!

Had to get a photo of the girls with the swans :)

Finished the evening off in the aquarium!

A fun Friday family night! Hope to do it again soon!

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