Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

Mary Clare's good friends are starting to make their First Holy Communion. Last week was the FHC of another friend at the downtown parish we've started attending. After Mass, we went to Steven's parents' house for lunch and to pick up BopBop for his "workweek" here!

Thomas and Ellie (with donut glaze on her face)

Poor fussy boy did not want to be put down on the floor while everyone else was eating!


One fun part about attending the downtown parish is that we get to see Steven's family more often! Maybe tomorrow Tommy will be a little happier :)

1 comment:

theresa EH said...

Poor boy just want a donut like the rest of the kids ;-)
He is getting that nice baby chub on him that makes babies so cuddly...
theresa in Alberta

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