Friday, December 17, 2010

Mom Cave in Progress

getting closer! bopbop was a huge help in getting all the walls and furniture painted, including our kitchen chairs and the girls' beds, plus grouting the bathroom. THANK YOU!!!

the walls actually look more blue in person, i was going for the turquoise and it's a bit more muted than that. but i think it will work well with all the bright and colorful accents. chairs belonged to my grandparents, fabric on chair will be the seat cushion (thanks, grampatti!), red sheet on the window will be curtains, big framed print is garden of eden we bought in rome...and i think that's what i'll call my room, my little garden of eden :)

tomorrow the big tom heads back home and Daddy is just working a half-day so we can go to the zoo! hope it's a beautiful day! more photos to come!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another cool suggestion for a name for your MomCave is the Blair Necessities!!!!! Enjoy!

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