Thursday, December 09, 2010


We're surviving the busy week of the year! Monday was St. Nick Day and 2 showcase routine practices. Tuesday was the Nutcracker, ballet class, and the neighborhood Christmas Party. Yesterday was the Immaculate Conception holy day, and today was our Showcase Rehearsal.

Steven Joseph kept telling me he wasn't going to sit in Santa's lap. He was just going to tell him what he wanted while standing next to me. But when the time came, he was actually pretty friendly with Santa!

Mary Clare looks so old! My almost-8 year-old!

Ellie was so happy to tell Santa what she'd like for Christmas. Santa said it was the popular request of the night!

All the kiddos, including tired Tommy!

The kids are happy in this photo but Mama was not. Our usual city party includes a huge (wedding-sized) tent with catered dinner, raffle, etc. One year they even had snow! Budget cuts this year turned it into a little outdoor festival with dessert snacks. No big deal, except that I didn't know about the change (missed the newsletter and phone message), so I hadn't fed the kids dinner, didn't dress everyone warm enough, and had quite a time handling the whole event while waiting for Daddy to arrive late from work! Oh well, I'll definitely get the details on it for next year! At least they got to see Santa and also got some sword and flower balloons made by the clown, and some face painting too! A fun night for them :)

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