Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Some Christmas Day memories for the albums...
The kids woke up at about 7:15 ready to go see if Santa came!
Opening their stockings and checking out the gifts from Santa...

Cowboy hat!

Trying out the new guitar

Rockstar girl!

After opening presents at home, we got dressed, got some donuts, and rushed over to my parents' house, only to arrive just as my brother's family was leaving. Bummer! But we still enjoyed Christmas morning with NeNe and PaPa and Aunt Kathy. The kids got some special gifts which I somehow didn't get any photos of, except this one shot of SJ with his new suitcase! The girls got bunk beds and a new double stroller for their dolls!

Edited to add these photos from NeNe:
girls with their stocking gifts

and the twins' double stroller :)

After a relaxing morning/afternoon at my parents' house where I even got in a nap, we were off to Steven's parents' house for Christmas evening!

Trying to bribe the kids to eat before opening presents

My boys.

We finally get the kids settled for the game exchange

And then began the attempts to get a cousin picture...

These last 3 were somewhat decent...

Not sure about all this excitement!

All they wanted for Christmas were their two front teeth!
(actually one of them lost a tooth that night!)

And Thomas ends the evening with lotsa lovin' from his aunts!

Another long and fun day! It's taking us several days to recover from the weekend. Poor Steven came down with a stomach bug yesterday (as did at least 6 other family members). I've been waiting for someone else in our family to fall victim...but so far, so good! Hopefully we'll stay healthy for New Year's and Mary Clare's Birthday this weekend!

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theresa EH said...

Is Ellie going to be starting guitar lessons? Christmas looks like it was a great time, I hope Stephen recovers from his bug :-(
Theresa in Alberta

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