Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spiderman 3rd Birthday Party

We threw together a simple party for Steven Joseph on Monday afternoon at the park with NeNe and PaPa, my brother Brice's family (here from CA!), and our good friends--the K and N families. It was nice warm weather and everyone had a great time!

We had some chips, fruit salad, and juice...and NeNe made some cute cupcake flags for the mini-cupcakes! It was perfect!

Little brother at his big brother's party!

Cousins running around the park!


Friends checking out their face paint! SJ decided he wanted his face painted on his birthday morning, but then washed it off before naptime. When he woke up he wanted it painted again and so we brought it to the park. All the kids ended up wanting face paint, so it was a fun unplanned party activity!

My kids always love pinatas at their parties! Steven Joseph opened it on the first hit!

Getting the initial loot!

Everyone else had a little turn to try to get out some more goodies!


Mary Clare


Big guy J

Love this of Addison with her new baby sister in-utero!

Girls ready to sing Happy Birthday!

Sweet cousins

Singing Happy Birthday to himself!

All the crew

Loved his hotwheels cars and case from NeNe and PaPa

And especially his Playmobil knights from Ellie

A wooden train from the Ns

And a tool bench from the Ks...his favorite gift!

and a new balance bike from all of us

riding off into the future...

I know you had a wonderful 3rd birthday, Steven Joseph, and I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you. This may be the year of your open heart surgery. I look forward to getting past that big hurdle and watching you continue to thrive as a big boy with a patched up heart! You have had my heart from day one, and as much as your needy toddler ways exhaust me, I love all your snuggles and all your "I love yous" and your just being you...such a joy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOMMY'S BIG BOY!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday SJ!! You were just born yesterday it seems!! Next year little Tommy will be running really hard to keep up with you ;-)
Theresa in Alberta

Shelly said...

Looks like a fun party!

Neen said...

Happy b-day big guy! He is such a cutie. I love all the face painting. Someone was very talented.

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