Friday, June 04, 2010

Ideas are Flowing...

I think my mind is starting to function again! I've been in a haze the past few months and have had to let a lot of things "go." Our house has been a wreck, meals have been haphazard, homeschooling has been bare-bones, and I've been exhausted. I'm still really worn out and easily overwhelmed, but am starting to feel some sparks come back to my otherwise hazy-head!

Today I had some ideas for a little Sacred/Immaculate Heart Tea Party next week. Then tonight I got together all the books we'll be using for our new year of homeschooling and started to figure out a basic plan for the year. I'll be doing the Mother of Divine Grace 2nd Grade lesson plans with Mary Clare, along with a few additions of things we're already using. Ellie will use much of the MODG Kindergarten plan, completing 100 Easy Lessons, Bible/Saint narrations, memorizing poetry, and studying Nature, along with our favorite math program (Math U See) and some other handwriting and phonics workbooks. If all goes well, I'm hoping to get started on Monday, with a laid-back schedule for the summer. Wish me luck!

I think it's funny that all the school families are thrilled for the school year to be over, while I'm ready to get busy! But we've taken a lot of breaks this Spring, so I know it's time to get back to the books and start working towards the new school year plans, so we can take it easy when Baby arrives!

Speaking of Baby, what a little flipper/kicker he or she has become! I just love lying down and feeling those big movements and knowing that this little one is growing strong inside of me. I really can't believe that we'll have a new family member this fall. When I start to think about it too much, I get a little panicky, mainly about the delivery part. Once we're past the c-section, I think I'll be smooth-sailing...we'll see!

Now I'm having problems uploading photos from my new camera, but I wanted to share a picture of a sweet card I found on the floor yesterday. I was feeling like a failure last night. It was just one of those days where I felt totally unproductive and was worried if I'd ever really get the hang of this housewife thing. I got a little bit of motivation to pick up a few of the hundred toys and paper scattered about the house, when I saw a handmade card on the floor in the living room. (hopefully I can get it loaded this weekend)

She loves me, with one of her own bracelets taped inside along with some cupcake and candy stickers. It made my heart melt. I have had some nice cuddle moments with all the kids this week. The girls sometimes want me to come in to lie with them while they fall asleep, either reading books or listening to story podcasts on the iPhone, and Steven Joseph and I usually take a nice long afternoon nap together. I just love these precious blessings so much, and I hope I can be the Mommy that God needs me to be for each one of them. It's a hard and sometimes (well, many times) overwhelming vocation, but that little love letter last night gave me just what I needed to know that I am loved. Because you know, as the Beatles say, "All you need is love."


Colleen said...

Blair, I can so relate to your entire first paragraph! I felt the exact same way but through my entire pregnancy and now that Clara is 5 months old, I'm finally coming out of it. Now I have all kinds of projects that I want to do and just not enough time in the day to to them!

And, speaking of housework, I think you and I are kindred spirits. I am definitely not a natural homemaker. It makes it especially hard because when I'm surrounded with mess that I can't get under control all day long, it seems like I'm surrounded by constant reminders of my failures. It can be very depressing! I have yet to get the housekeeping figured out so if you come up with any ideas that are helping you, please share! I'm slowing starting to think the best plan will be to occasionally hire a maid. How was your experience with having a maid the other day?

Blair said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one, Colleen. Cleaning and cooking just don't come naturally
for me but I can get really discouraged when the house is a wreck. The maid was a lifesaver and definitely
lifted my spirits. I noticed exactly one week later things were already falling apart again so if I can try
better to keep up the 2nd week I'll be doing well. Because she comes back on Monday and hopefully every other week for awhile. Totally worth it for me right now!

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