Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ellie lost her first tooth!

On Monday morning it was hanging by a thread. Later that day while chewing bubble gum, she felt something in the gum. When she pulled it out of her mouth, she found her tooth in the bubble gum! She was absolutely thrilled!

Happy Girl!

She insisted I take a photo that night before the Tooth Fairy would take her tooth away.

This photo took me nearly 15 minutes and probably 15 crops in iPhoto. Someone PLEASE help me learn to use this camera! Sometimes it's just stuck and won't focus or take the picture, especially close-ups. I guess I need to try to read the manual...

Congrats to our big girl, Ellie! She was so kind to want to give away her dollar from the Tooth Fairy to both her brother and sister who had found toys they wanted at our mall outing that day. What a generous little girl she is.


Colleen said...

If your camera isn't focusing up close, it might be that you are physically too close to your subject. All lenses have a minimum focus distance which defines how close you can get to your subject. For instance, for my 50mm lens, the closest I can get to my subject is 18", while for my 85mm lens, the minimum focus distance is about 3 feet. You should be able to look up the minimum focus distance for your lens either in your manual or you can look it up at places like I hope this helps!

Colleen said...

One more thing...
If you want to get really close up, you'll need a macro lens. A 60mm macro lens, for example, has a minimum focus distance of less than an inch.

Stephanie said...

I'm learning how to use my new camera by watching youtube tutorials!

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