Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 1 of New Braunfels

My dad had a convention to attend in San Antonio this week, so at the last minute we found a ranch resort with a condo in nearby New Braunfels and took a quick 2-night trip with my parents! The kids and I had a wonderful time, but were sad that Daddy couldn't join us on this one. We'll be taking a big trip in July and can't wait to share that as a family!

There were dozens of deer on the property. This is right outside our condo window! Steven just informed us that this deer is "about to drop," meaning she's about to give birth! No wonder she was so willing to come near us and find food.

We were initially hoping to stay at one of the big resorts that has a waterpark, but in the end this was the perfect spot for us! The pools were nearly vacant and it was just so relaxing not having to worry about the kids getting lost in a crowd.

NeNe with the girls

Sisters actually sharing a float!

Steven Joseph is happy as a clam in the "yittle" pool with his kickboard and puddle-jumper (lifejacket).

The ranch offered evening outdoor movies with popcorn! The girls and PaPa watched a little bit of the movie while Steven Joseph and I drove around looking for deer (in order to get a very tired SJ to fall asleep)! It worked out pretty well. Many of the deer were out grazing in the evenings.

I'd better go rest up for our last swim meet of the year, Divisionals! I'll try to load the photos from Day 2 tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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Mary said...

My family is having a huge reunion in New Braunfels next week! Unfortunately, I won't be there!

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