Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awaken Ballet Production 2010

On Friday Night the girls performed in Mary Clare's 5th and Ellie's 2nd Dance Recital! "Awaken" told the story of the Book of Revelation, including dances representing cultures throughout the world and a ballet representation of John's visions in Revelation Chapter 4.

NeNe and PaPa came out a little early with yummy Mexican take-out, then the girls rushed off to the auditorium while the guys stayed behind for a bit.

Here are the girls in their ballet costumes, holding their gifts from NeNe. Mary Clare's dance was "Rodeo" and Ellie's was "English." Mary Clare also performed a tap routine with an "Irish" theme.

Mama and her ballerinas!

Here are all the girls in the younger kids' dressing room with the director (dressed in black), as she led them in prayer before the performance.

Holding their flowers after the show!

Some sweet friends from our homeschool group came to watch!

As did two of their cousins!

Grampatti and Aunt Mary came too, although we didn't get a picture with Mary.

The girls walked out to the car, at nearly 11pm stating, "We want to do this every year until we're teachers!" What a fun year of ballet! We look forward to many more to come.

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Anonymous said...

Those are 2 very very pretty and talented ballerinas you are blessed with!!
Theresa in Alberta

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