Thursday, June 03, 2010


I grew up almost like an only child. My only sibling is a brother, 6 years younger, so he wasn't quite a playmate for me. I was somewhat obsessive with playing dolls and school and make-believe, even up until/through junior high. I was alone with my mind a lot of my childhood and always dreamed of having lots of siblings and lots of outings to go on!

There were positives in being part of a small family. I gained independence and confidence, and was able to pursue almost any of my interests. But my children will have a slightly different childhood, likely never struggling with this loneliness. Rarely in this house does anyone have a moment alone! In the bathroom, in the shower, at the computer....there are always children needing parents and siblings looking for a playmate!

But this morning things were different. The girls now have twin beds in their room and have been doing really well sleeping in there. We moved the twin mattress off the floor of our bedroom so we haven't gotten as many nighttime visits from them. Now the king mattress from the girls' room is on the floor of Steven Joseph's room. And all 3 kids slept there the entire night!

This morning I woke up to make Steven's lunch and see him off to work, and then I went back to bed. An empty bed! I felt so alone with all my kiddos down the hall and was kind of longing for some little body to snuggle up to. I'm sure Steven Joseph will be spending more nights in our room before he's kicked out for the new baby, but on this night he was happy with his sisters. I think for the most part, I won't be feeling alone for a very long time. And I like it that way :)


Kristen said...

Too funny...I grew up the same way, sisters 14 and 16 when I was born. I always envied my friends with siblings and wanted a big family! :-)

MolleenCarie said...


I was a lonely only and I used to want more 'me time', but not so much anymore.

This morning I lined up a friend to keep my tornado so I could clean, and I intended to keep the big kids, since they're to the point where the cleaning goes more quickly with them helping than not. But, I was so cranky, I decided it wasn't going to be good for me or them to have them stay and help, so I let them stay with their friends. It was SO quiet in here! The animals were following me around the house, watching, wondering what I'd done with the kids and why I was talking to myself!

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