Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Children's Museum

We'd been wanting to take a trip to the downtown Children's Museum for quite awhile. I think the last time we were there was when Mary Clare was around 2 years old! I scheduled a group visit with some homeschool friends and other old friends and we had a great time! Here are some of the favorite activities...

Ellie is quite the "poser" these days :)

Steven Joseph making a molecule

More fun in the science area with the moving gears

Trying to cross over the bridge of rubber blocks!

Pulling in some fish after a big catch!

Riding the motor bike through the streets of Vietnam!

Doing their own face art

Some mirage activities

a fun pulley lift

a ball maze

I got it!!! Yay!!! (Notice how wet he still was ~3 hrs after playing in the outdoor water play area. I didn't get photos of that part because the camera was malfunctioning and I was on my phone with Nikon tech support!)

Concentrating hard on another ball game!

I got it!!! Yay!!!

And the favorite place of the museum "Kidtropolis." The kids got a bank card and had to get a "job" and earn money to go shopping, after depositing their paychecks into the ATM machines. They loved the grocery store, but there was also a Vet Clinic, Bank, Bike Store, Restaurant, Art Studio, News Station, Ambulance and Police Station, and more that I'm forgetting! We could have stayed there all day!

a photo through the store window of Mary Clare acting as "cashier"

Hanging with SJ in the restaurant. He kept busy with the pizza cutter!

Ellie showing off her "cash"

SJ driving the ambulance

We made a quick stop in another section where the girls climbed through nets and Steven Joseph played in the exercise room.

Finally around 2:30 I'd had enough and Stevie was ready for naptime. The girls were so upset. I had to drag Ellie out the door sobbing. They want to go back very soon, hopefully with Daddy's help! An exhausting but super-fun day!

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Mary said...

What an awesome place for kids! Looks like they had a fabulous time!

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