Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

The day may be over for everyone tonight,
But you will be up before the daylight,
Working hard every day to provide for your crew,
We're so happy to have a daddy like you!

Whether we have a question about baseball or deer,
With you we will know that an answer is near,
When it's time to go swim, or it's time to grill meat,
Or to talk about our day as we sit down to eat,

When we go to the beach or a trip to go fish,
Or out to a restaurant for Mom's favorite dish,
You are willing and ready to go with the flow,
You love God and family, and that we do know.

So on this Father's Day may you feel you are loved,
By your kids and your wife and your Father above,
May you be filled with joy while you work and you play,
And remember you're treasured on this Father's Day!

from your girls

and your little guy

your baby-on-the-way, and your loving wife!
Happy Father's Day, Steven!!!

A Happy Father's Day to PaPa and BopBop too!

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