Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back to the Books

Monday ended up not being our first day "back to school" because we needed to be out of the house for "Maria's Magic" (ie housecleaning :) so we went to the big Summer Reading Festival at the library. I've stayed away from the library the past few months. SJ is just too crazy in there! But I figured on this day there would be enough other kids to drown him out, and I was pretty much right.

Ellie was so proud to finally be 5 years old and get her own library card! She took FOREVER to choose 2 books about Valentines Day, but was thrilled to get to use her card to scan them at the checkout (which itself was quite chaotic since we ended up with 20 books, trying to scan them on 3 different cards in the self-checkout).

Outside they had a juggler performing while we waited in line for 45 minutes for balloons. Notice that Steven Joseph took off his pants. He refused to put them back on until I told him he had to if he wanted a balloon sword!

The kids with their balloons...a heart, a sword, and a poodle :) The balloon lady was the most popular person of the day!

Another petting zoo!

So today (Tuesday) we finally hit the books. I admit we had our issues. The usual battles and attempts at negotiations. But we made it through.

Steven Joseph was quite a ham. We worked on potty training too (he pooped on the potty, yay!), so he was naked and notice him with unit blocks on his fingers...he was throwing them like missiles across the room. Here MC is watching her math DVD and Ellie is attempting to do her lesson. This is going to be interesting with teaching the 2 girls and keeping the toddler busy since he's used to being entertained by at least one of his sisters at all times!

I was really proud of Mary Clare's reading and how much she remembered from our phonics program which we took a break from this semester. It's nice to have the lesson plans to go from for MC, and they were all excited about their new textbooks. The Summer Reading Program is also motivating both the girls to read, read, read!

Hopefully we'll have a productive summer with both schooling and potty training, hehe!


Melissa D. said...

I love the library, but we too stayed away almost all last summer because both of the kids were a bit much. I'm glad I'm not the only mommy who deals with that!

I still don't think I'm really up to the task of homeschooling, but I really find your blog so inspiring.

MolleenCarie said...

What a fun, busy post, Blair! I LOVE hearing about your little guy; since he's a year younger than my Isaac, I get to remember the funny things he did, and still does!

Jenny said...

That photo has got to be the BEST advertisement for homeschooling I have ever seen! LOL! It's organized chaos, and learning is actually taking place (at least with Mr. Demme in the background). You should send it to Math U See. Great job, Blair!

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