Friday, May 04, 2007

A Week in Pictures

Helping Daddy paint the garage office, AKA hunting/fishing/male room!

More roses blooming!

The girls' favorite thing to do outside...collect snails!

Growing pups!

The first swim of the year at NeNe and PaPa's:

At the Astros' game last night...Go 'Stros!


Em said...

Cute pictures, Blair!
What a great idea for Stephen... did you guys finish off half your garage or what? Mike would love that... but I think his "guy room" would involve a computer and some games:)

Anonymous said...

such cute babies (:

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the chronicle! Great photos. We are going to se the Astros in September!

Blair said...

Thanks, guys! Emily, the room was already turned into an office w/ a window unit (not sure if Craig did that or the previous owners). It's the back part of the garage, the whole 3-car length but fairly narrow. He just painted the floor w/ some extra paint we had and did a little painting on the walls too.

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