Friday, May 04, 2007

A Week in Pictures

Helping Daddy paint the garage office, AKA hunting/fishing/male room!

More roses blooming!

The girls' favorite thing to do outside...collect snails!

Growing pups!

The first swim of the year at NeNe and PaPa's:

At the Astros' game last night...Go 'Stros!


Em said...

Cute pictures, Blair!
What a great idea for Stephen... did you guys finish off half your garage or what? Mike would love that... but I think his "guy room" would involve a computer and some games:)

Anonymous said...

such cute babies (:

Celeste Creates said...

Really enjoyed the chronicle! Great photos. We are going to se the Astros in September!

Blair said...

Thanks, guys! Emily, the room was already turned into an office w/ a window unit (not sure if Craig did that or the previous owners). It's the back part of the garage, the whole 3-car length but fairly narrow. He just painted the floor w/ some extra paint we had and did a little painting on the walls too.

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