Friday, May 11, 2007

under construction

I too am trying to redo the layout of my blog after figuring out that I can add a picture, woohoo! I think I may change my blog name again. It's just too long and hmmm...I think I'm ready for something different. Ideas? How would you describe this blog in a couple words?

Okay, this is too much fun! I didn't realize I could change all the colors so easily! What do you think of the name? It's so close to Melissa's beautiful "Bountiful Blessings" blog, one of my favorites. Help me with some ideas!


Roxanna said...

I like it! Now I want to change mine too! I'll do the makeover after my wedding. New blog! =)

Melissa said...

Blair, you are just too sweet!

I love your new look. And I think "Blair's Blessings" is perfect! Has a very nice ring to it. These changes are fun, aren't they? Although I have to admit I spent WAY too much time today Googling "HTML color codes". ;) This could become addicting!

Blair said...

Yeah, I could do this all day...too much fun! But now I'm back home (my parents have Photoshop for all the banner changes), so all I can do is color changes. Melissa, did you know you can just click on "fonts and color" on the template section to redo all the colors without needing html? That was the gold mine! And I'm glad you like the title...I didn't want to "steal" your blessings ;)

Lillian said...

How did you add more than one picture? Or make it wide that way? I love the new look and the new name BTW.

Blair said...

I did it in Photoshop; pasted the pics together, added the title, and added the colors at the sides so it would fit. My parents have the program for their home business so I'm fairly familiar. I think there's a new free graphics/photo editing program on the net called "Picasa" but I haven't tried it.

Celeste Creates said...

Okay way too cool! I love it! I am so slow to figure this all out. And I love Blair's Blessings. Has a nice amount of alliteration to it!

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