Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day at the Zoo

Our zoo is free on certain holidays, so even though there was a rainy forecast, we decided to chance it and head over to visit with Steven's family afterwards. We were so thankful that the 2 hours of dry weather yesterday were the ones we were at the zoo!

Ellie and Daddy looking at giraffes (which she was most scared about before arriving at the zoo)!

Elephants with the famous Baby Mac that the girls like to talk about!

Okay, this orangutan did the strangest thing, which I didn't get on camera...He stood on his head and urinated into his mouth! Thankfully the girls didn't realize what he was doing. But my pregnancy nausea was a bit strong at that moment!

Daddy w/ his girls

The clouds are getting dark. We have just told Ellie she can have an Oreo cookie when we get to the car!

It's looking really black as we arrive at our car:

And as soon as we start to pull out of our parking space, the rain starts to pour! We were watching this the rest of the day...

I was so happy for our fun zoo morning though! And we had a great time visiting with family afterwards. I even got to play with those adorable triplets for awhile. So cute!

And a special prayer and remembrance for our friend who died in Iraq this year. May Sean's soul, and all those who have died protecting our country, rest in peace. And may those who mourn their passings be filled with the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


Lillian said...

I'm so glad you guys got out before the rain!! Looks like tons of fun (minus the orangutan ... YUCK!!)

Hope you're feeling better these days!!

Andrea said...

What a fun day! I CRACKED UP at the picture of Ellie running excitedly toward her future Oreo! lol

I hope you are doing well!!!

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